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 Android Youtube Channel Source Code

YouTubers is an android application for your youtube channel. It is a lite and simple app with a beautiful display that will increase your user interaction & your revenue. And You can directly send notifications to their phone, you can notify your subscribers of newly released videos. With YouTuber, you can display your video from your own channel or video from another channel. This app is designed for a single channel and you can monetize this app with integrated AdMob.

Youtubers Feature :

  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Hide on scroll actionbar
  • Well Designed Material Drawer
  • Integrated With FCM push notification
  • Menu Favorites Video
  • Search Video
  • Full screen video
  • Easy color customize
  • Share video
  • Support Android ICS 4.0.3 and up
  • Rate App
  • Details Channel
  • Dynamic Description Channel
  • Dynamic Banner & Avatar Channel
  • Easy configuration
  • Swipe to refresh
  • Realm database for store favorites data
  • Beatiful Cardview
  • Ripple Effect
  • Integrate with Firebase Analytics
  • Integrated with Firebase Ads Banner & Interstitial
  • Using Android Studio & Build Gradle
  • Clean & Neat Code

Youtubers Installation Guide :

Download and Install Java This section very important for you if this is your first time develop android, if you already develop an android project you can SKIP this page.

Download and Install Java :

You can download the latest JDK from this URL:

Download and Install Android Studio :

You can download the latest Android Studio from this URL:

Import Project :

Extract the .zip you download from Envato, you will see some files and folders. We named the project folder Youtubers with “Youtubers”, you can open/import it at the next step.

Import Into Android Studio

Youtubers App Package Structure :

  • All Activity Class ->
  • Adapter Handle List ->
  • Class Related with API connection ->
  • The supporting data like, constant, config ->
  • FCM support class ->
  • Fragment page ->
  • All Object Model placed on
  • Room database ->
  • Internet detector, and snippet

Download Youtubers Nulled :

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