Vegi – The Ultimate Grocery – Food – Milk Ordering App Nulled 4 August 2021

Vegi is the ultimate grocery, food, milk ordering app. It’s a single vendor app that gives you the ability to control your staff. It can be used for a single-vendor shop. The script also features cash on delivery and other payment gateways.

The script contains two types of apps; (customer app and delivery app) and admin PHP script.

Vegi Nulled

2 applications are included here in this package.

1- The customer app (Android)

2- The Delivery boy app (Android)

NOTE: iOS version is available. (Not included in this package)


  • Splash screen
  • Elegant UI
  • Very easy to interect Home page
  • Promotional banners
  • Search with price filters
  • Manage offline cart
  • Manage wishlist
  • Payment options Stripe/Cash on delivery
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Manage orders
  • See all the reviews of other customer
  • Multiple product options
  • Raise a complaint
  • Geo Taging while ordering with customer location
  • Add FAQs from admin panel whenever needed


  • Create product categories
  • Add products to categories with multiple purchase options
  • Manage quantity units (Kg, Gm, Ltr, Piece)
  • Create and manage discount coupon codes (Flat/Upto)
  • Manage orders with their status (Processing, Confirmed, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled)
  • Create and Manage delivery boys accounts with their pending payments
  • Manage complaints
  • Manage promotional sliders
  • Add availability addresses (City/Area)
  • Send notifications
  • Manage shipping charges


  • Sign-in using the credentials created & provided by admin
  • See the pending deliveries
  • Start the delivery with one click
  • See the route of the delivery location with google map route Api
  • See the list of delivery items
  • Complete the cash on delivery after getting the money
  • Hold the order with appropriate reason
  • Availability Switching On/Off
  • Wallet (Amount to pay to admin)

And lot more to explore and lot more on the way..

VEGI – Admin Panel
User – test
Password – test@123

VEGI – Customer Android Demo

VEGI – Delivery Boy Android Demo

User: captain1

password: captain1

VEGI – iOS Customer App Demo

VEGI – iOS Delivery Boy App Demo

User: captain1

password: captain1

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