TranslatePress Pro 2.0.3 NULLED – Multilingual WordPress Plugin + All Addons

TranslatePress Pro NULLED

TranslatePress Pro 2.0.3 NULLED the best way to translate your WordPress site right from the frontend, with full support for WooCommerce, complex themes, and website builders. A WordPress translation plugin that is easy to use for changes.

Your website will be fully translated in minutes.
Increase your keyword rankings. Increase traffic. Get more traffic.

TranslatePress Pro Features :

  • Translate entire pages, visually. No more switching between editor, line translation interfaces, or poorly translated plugins. With this WordPress translation plugin, you work with the final page right from the front-end, with full support for WooCommerce and website builders.
  • Automatic translation. Speed ​​up your translation process by automatically translating your entire site with Google Translate or DeepL. You can only change what is not perfectly translated.
  • The WordPress Way. TranslatePress is GPL and self hosted. You own your translations, forever. An annual license gives you access to updates, new features and support. After the license expires, your site will continue to function as expected.

Simple to get started and easy to use
How much easier would your job be if the WordPress translation plugin you used in your project was well supported, tested and developed by both the developer and the end user?

  • It’s really easy to get started with no extra add-ons and no compatibility issues with other plugins or themes.
  • After installation, select secondary languages ​​and start translating the entire site visually, exactly as it appears in the front-end.
  • Turn on automatic translation and your site will be fully translated instantly. After that, you can easily modify the translations manually.
  • When you need help, you will receive appropriate answers from the support team. In fact, you complete your projects on time and on budget.

All the functions you need to translate in one WordPress plugin.

  • Translate the entire page. Translate what you see. The interface allows you to translate the entire page at once, including output from shortcuts, forms, and page builders.
  • SEO Friendly. SEO support for page slugs, page titles, descriptions, tweets and Facebook social graph. The HTML lang attribute is set correctly. Multilingual Sitemap support for all popular SEO plugins.
  • Automatic translation. Integrated with Google Translate and DeepL. You can quickly get an automatic translation of your content and customize only what is not ideal.
  • 221 Language. Add as many languages ​​as possible using our WordPress translation plugin to make your project global.
  • Editorial control. Only publish the language when all your translations are done.
  • Translation of images. Translate images directly from the translation interface to show different images for different languages ​​of your site.
  • Dynamic strings. Full support for dynamic strings (gettext) added by WordPress, plugins and themes.
  • Customizable language switcher. The advanced language switcher includes a floating point menu, shortcut, and individual menu items.
  • For every project. Works with WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes and website builders.
  • Translator accounts. Create translator accounts that can translate a website without having to work with a WordPress backend, site builders or metaboxes.
  • View as user. View your site the same way your users see it. Translate pages that show different content to different users, such as a custom login page.
  • Translation blocks. Allows you to translate large html blocks with one translation by combining multiple translation strings into a translation block.
  • Automatic detection of the user’s language. Redirect visitors to their native language based on browser language or IP address.

Grow multilingual traffic and reach more people
Unleash the power of TranslatePress on your site today! Switching to multiple languages ​​has never been easier. Join 100.000+ sites already using TranslatePress!

TranslatePress Pro Demo :

Demo Url : https://translatepress.com/

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