Premium URL Shortener Nulled v5.9.89

Premium URL Shortener is a PHP script that allows you to run your own URL shortening website. This URL Shortener script comes with a quick installer. All you have to do is to follow these simple instructions. The automated installer will set up the MySQL database, create your configuration file and set up your administrator account. After this, all you have to do is log in and start using your URL Shortener.

Premium URL Shortener Nulled

The Premium URL Shortener Nulled is easy to upgrade you have just need to upload the new version files and an automated uploader will do the rest. It is very easy and flexible to use. Premium URL Shortener Nulled is also scalable and easy to migrate to another server you just need to follow some simple steps and it will be migrated to the new server.

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Features :

Multiple Redirection Type :

Direct Redirection :

A direct redirection method redirects the user without any intermediate page. This is done via the server redirect. When sharing the link having a direct method, crawlers will fetch directly the target page. When using a pixel with direct method, a page is shown briefly before redirection and it is required for the pixel to work.

Frame Redirection :

The frame redirection method is useful when you want to cloak a website like an affiliate page. It will show bar at the top with the site information, an ad slot and some buttons to share or close the frame.

Splash Redirection :

The splash page is an intermediate page very useful to give the user a preview of the page they are about to be redirected. It serves as a measure of protection and gives the user some time to react and decide whether they want to continue or not.

Custom Splash Redirection :

The custom splash redirect is a premium feature that allows customers to create their own promotional page and associate it to a short link. A user going through the custom splash page will see a promotional page briefly before being redirected.

Overlay Redirection :

The overlay feature is a cool feature that allows you to use dynamic lead widgets. It uses the same principal as the frame method but without the top bar. Instead it injects some cool widgets like a popup message, contact form and a poll.

Multiple Language Translation :

You can easily translate almost every text in this application without the hassle of editing PHP files. Just login as admin, go to settings then click on “Languages” and follow the instructions. Please note that this feature may not work on some hosts due to memory limits. In this case, you will need to follow the manual instructions below.

Multiple Themes :

The theming system has been greatly simplified to allow easy customization. It is now using bootstrap 3.1. All themes are located in the folder themes. If you open the default theme file you will see many files in that folder. Those are all the theme files you can modify. The folder named shared includes some important files that you should not modify unless you know what you are doing

Tracking :

The script offers two methods of tracking (and you can disable this): System and Google Analytics. When choosing the system method, the script will be tracking users on its own and log data in the database. On the other hand, when choosing Google Analytics, the script will inject a Google Analytics code during the redirection. Please note that some features are not available when using Google Analytics.

Caching :

The script nows offers to the cache of data. Caching is turned off by default and can be turned on via the file includes/config.php. Data is cached using phpFastCache and is stored in the tmp folder (where cookies are stored) or in the includes/library/ depending on your server configuration. It is recommended that you turn Caching off while your site is still new to provide accurate data. However, once your site reaches 100, 000 clicks, you should turn it On. The caching is set to 15 minutes so the same information will be displayed for users for 15 minutes. For this reason, it is not recommended to use caching while your site is still new and does not have to deal with a huge dataset.

Security :

This script uses some of the most advanced algorithms to keep the user account safe and your URLs phish-free. Passwords are hashed using the phpPass library which is currently one of the best solutions. All URLs go through a series of validation as stated below:

  1. URL Format
  2. CAPTCHA Check
  3. Bot Check
  4. Keyword Blacklisting
  5. Domain Blacklisting
  6. Google Safe Check
  7. Phish-Tank Check

Premium URL Shortener Demo :

Admin Account

Email/Username: / admin

Password: adminpass

Login Page :

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Download :

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