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Insura Nulled is a multi-insurance agency and client management system. It is written in Laravel, a strong PHP framework, and utilizes the Semantic UI framework for smashing frontend views. Insura allows Insurance agencies to manage their staff, brokers, clients, communication, commissions, and reminders all on one system.

Insura Features :

  1. Create & Manage clients – Add your clients info and retrieve them when needed. This is a great feature for insurance agency since it remove paper work and saves time.
  2. Create & Manage policies – Simply create policies and link it to clients at a click of a button. All policy info and history is stored.
  3. Create & Manage staff – Every agency needs some staff to help out and since covers that as well. You can create accounts for your staff members and they will have access to run and manage the daily operations.
  4. Record payments – Every payment is recorded with data and time for easy account in future or for reverence.
  5. Add custom fields to clients and policies – Agencies in different countries will have different needs and requirements from clients. With Insura Insurance agency management system. You can add custom fields to your clients and policies form.
  6. upload attachments to clients and policies – When there are files for your clients like national ID etc, you can simply upload them under attachments section of a client or policy.
  7. Automated reminders – Insura will take care of reminding your clients when payment is due. Reminders are completely customizable and you can turn them off as well. Reminders can be sent via SMS or email
  8. Inbuilt instant messaging – We have an inbuilt instant messenger inside signer that allows collaboration between parties of an agency from client, brokers, staff to administrator.
  9. Reports – On demand reports are available anytime you need the on the dashboard and reports page.
  10. Bulk SMS & Email – Insura communication module allows agencies to send single and bulk messages to staff, clients or brokers.
  11. Multi user – You can build a saas platform with Insura since it supports multiple users/agencies
  12. Installer – You don’t have to worry about installation process as Insura comes with it’s installer. If you run into any challenge we are always here to help.
  13. Beautiful and responsive UI – Simcy creative prides itself in creating very beautiful web apps with an excellent user experience. That’s guaranteed.

Insura Installation :

Requirements :

Insura’s requirements are :

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

Installation :

Step 1: Extract files

Extract the zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon in a directory where we will work from e.g. extract in /home/<user> to get /home/<user>/Insura-2.0.5 (Recommended for users on shared hosting with cPanel). This location should be away from your webserver’s root directory.

Step 2: Database Setup

Insura supports a range of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and SQL). Depending on your choice of database, create a new database and new user and password for it where applicable. Remember to note down the database name and user and password where applicable as we will use this in step 4.

NB: If you are using SQLite, copy the sqlite file to /home//Insura-2.0.5/Files/database/ and note down the filename instead e.g. insura.sqlite.

Step 3: Root Directory

There are several ways to configure the root directory depending on your hosting setup.

  • If you can control your domain’s document root, e.g when creating a sub-domain in your control panel, point it to /home/<user>/Insura-2.0.5/Files/public.
  • If your root directory is in your home folder, e.g. /home/<user>/public_html where public_html is the root directory, follow these steps:-
    >> Back up your current root directory by renaming it i.e. public_html to public_html.backup.
    >> From our working directory created in STEP 1, copy the file called root_dir in Utils to your home folder.
    >> Rename root_dir to public_html
  • If your root directory is not in your home folder (e.g. /var/www/html where html is the root directory) or you intend to add as a folder on he root directory (e.g. /var/www/html/insura where html is the root directory), follow these steps:-.
    >> Create a symbolic link to /home/<user>/Insura-2.0.5/Files/public
    >> Replace your document root with the link (To have something like or add it to your document root as a folder (To have something like as preferred. Ensure you rename the copied link correctly for it to work.Download

Insura Demo :

Demo Url:

Insura Nulled Download :

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