HRSALE – The Ultimate HRM v3.0.0 Nulled

HRSALE Nulled provides you with a powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. HRSALE is a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team to make it more efficient and consolidate your employee information into one intuitive HR system.

HRSALE Features :

  • Database Backup
  • System settings
  • Email Templates
  • Projects Management
  • Employees Management
  • Employees Roles Management
  • Tasks Management
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
    & many more.

Installation :

System Requirements

  1. PHP version 7.2 or higher
    • pdo – PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL – PHP Extension
    • Mbstring – PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer – PHP Extension
    • JSON – PHP Extension
    • GD – PHP Extension
    • Zip – PHP Extension
  2. MySQL – 5.x or higher
  3. Nginx or Apache

Follow the steps below to setup hrm software:

  1. Unzip the downloaded package and open the /Fresh Application Files folder and then go to hrsale_version_3_0_0/ folder
  2. Create a subfolder on your host via FTP or File Manager (You can name the folder “hrm or hrms or hr” for-example)
  3. Upload the files from the hrsale_fresh_files folder of the script into the newly created subfolder on your host
  4. Create a MySQL database (Your hosting provider can assist).
    Note: while you creating new database select utf8_general_ci option for Collation. Because this option will work for multi languages.
  5. Visit your website where you uploaded the files, For example:
  6. The Installation Wizard will open automatically, just follow the steps

Set Base URL: Once you installed the system and you are on login page, and the login page not showing correctly like above screenshot OR not logging to system then you need to set the base url in App.php file which is under app/Config/App.php, find the “$baseURL” in App.php file.

Hrshale Demo:

Url :

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