Easy Social Share Buttons 8.2 For WordPress

Social share buttons are necessary for any WordPress website whether it’s an e-commerce or a blog. Having share buttons helps you to give a passive post boost to your content. Most of the WordPress themes have social share buttons but not all of them are as customizable as the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin.

Easy Social Share plugin as more than 30 templates and widgets. On top of it, you can even build your own templates and add animations via CSS. The plugin is totally compatible with Woocommerce products and event plugins.

Easy Social Share Buttons


  • Share buttons
  • After share events
  • Love This buttons
  • More buttons
  • Comment capabilities
  • Print and email buttons
  • Function buttons including previous post, next post, copy post link, bookmark post or QR code for post link

Compatibility & Placings

  • Above your content
  • Below your content
  • Above and below your content
  • Floating from the top of your content
  • Floating from the top and bottom of a post
  • Floating vertically
  • Native buttons at the top, share buttons at the bottom
  • Share buttons at the top, native buttons at the bottom
  • Popup buttons
  • Fly-in right
  • Fly-in left
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Top bar
  • Bottom bar
  • On media
  • Fullscreen hero share
  • Post share bar
  • Share point
  • Advanced share point
  • Super post bar
  • Super float
  • Viral point
  • WooCommerce share bar
  • Follow me bar


  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress installed
  • PHP 7.4+
  • Memory Limit >512MB

Demo – https://codecanyon.net/item/easy-social-share-buttons-for-wordpress/6394476

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