About Us

Hi there , we are community of software and web developer. We provide wordpress source codes, php scripts and themes under GPL license for educational purposes so that who are beginner in their journey of web and software can learn from real word project and create awesome android apps and websites.

To open these GPL licensed source codes you can many free and paid code editors based on your choice and programming used by the developer while creating the projects.

All the source code given are under GPL and use them for learning purpose do not use them commercially.If you want use them for commercial purposes buy ot from the codecanyon or there official website so that you can provide better service to your users.

To open this source code you can use code editor like Microsoft Visual for html CSS and JavaScript. and in case of python you can use vs code tooo but i will recommend pycharm because it easy to use and specially developed for python.

In case of android source code you can use android studio and in case of angular use vs code because android studio only supports Java, kotlin and flutter.

In case you face any problem feel free to contact us.

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